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Laatste Update: 17-08-2021

greet with love
i might greet this present day with love in my coronary heart for this is the greatest secret of sucess in all ventures. muslces can split a shelled and even to attempt life. however most effective the unthinkalbe electricity of love can open the hearts of guys. and utill i grasp this art, i'm able to stay no extra than a padller in a marketplace area. i will make love my finest weapon, and none on whom i call can protect towards its pressure. my reasoning they will counter, my speech they will distrust, my garb they will disprove, my face they'll reject, and even my bargins may additionally cause them suspicion.yet my love will now not all hearts liken to the solar whose raise sofens the coldest clay. headformost i will look on all things with love, and that i will be born once more. i can love the solar for it warms my bones ,yet i will love the rain for it cleans my spirit. i will love the light for it shows me the manner, but i will love the darkness for it suggests me the stars. i will welcome happiness for it enlarges my coronary heart, yet i'm able to bear unhappiness for it opens my soul. i will well known rewards for they're my do, but i will welcome limitations for they are my demanding situations.


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